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Congratulations, your application to become a vendor has been approved!

Welcome to Africaretails.com, We are delighted to have you onboard.

Dear Entrepreneur, we salute your entrepreneurial spirit and this path you have chosen to greatness, we hope you find this platform fulfilling for your business.

What happens next?


To get started, go to Africaretails.com/my-account, login and click on Vendor Dashbaord to manage and setup (upload your products, store banner etc) and administer your store.

For you to get paid after a purchase, we will require some extra information. Please complete this Vendor payment form
So that we can get more information about your business and setup you up on our vendor payout system.

If you need help with anything? Go here for Help
or just email: helpme@africaretails.com and we will come running to you. Don’t worry, we are very good with our emails.

If you are also interested in shopping (although, Africaretails is yet to be open for sales. currently just getting vendors on board), you are awesome! head on to the website to start shopping from different stores; or just click here to go to shop, start shopping now

Thanks again for being a member of Africaretails (whether as a vendor or shopper or window shopper, lol) – we want nothing more than to provide you with an amazing service, and we hope we’re managing to do that so far.

JamalRobert Siakpere
CVO, Export Africa Limited.

PS: Useful details

Login Url: Login – top right corner of the page (home page)

Password: Reset Password

PPS: Below is what your store will look like and the info you will need to provide to setup your store properly

Sample Africaretails store