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In this new world that we live in, sharing is everything, we know this which is why we have designed Africaretails with sharing and connection in mind. With our social option, you can share your posts and products on social media and connect with your fans/followers. We have also made available a section for you to put your social media handle so you can get new followers.

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Look, we even have a social login just so that you can login into your Africaretails account with your social media account, same goes for your customers. This just makes things easy, doesn’t it? (so you don’t have to remember too many login details )

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Your business doesn’t stop when you’re away. Instantly access your store from analytics, update your store (product or other information), fulfill orders, or contact a customer all from your smartphone.Cool init?

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As it turns out, at Africaretails, we take security very seriously…

Check out the green bar on the left corner of the address bar, that is just a proof of one of the ways we are securing your business online.

Look, all you have to do is focus on running your business, and we take care of other things so that you and your customers can have rest of mind.

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We believe that quality products also come from Africa,  Africaretails Logo Icon

We believe that through Internet, local businesses can become global businesses,

We believe that Africans have lots of stories to tell through her products

We believe in global trade and a global marketplace

We believe that trading brings about peace and unity,

We believe in one Africa.

We have created Africaretails.com to express our beliefs.

The socio-economic development of any given society is greatly enhanced by the positive development of entrepreneurs in that society, there fore, small and medium sized businesses (SME) offers balance to the traditional economic development of any given society. Hence our mission;
Our mission is to empower small businesses, to change the way the global economy works. We believe that in any economy around the world, small and medium sized businesses have much more sway in shaping the economy.

This is why we made AfricRetails.com a free e-commerce platform on the web so that upcoming/small and medium sized businesses can quickly get online and promote their businesses and ultimately become global businesses.

Are you a business owner, operating from a major mall, small street corner or even from your bedroom?
With Africaretails.com, you can set up your online store in minutes and sell just about anything so long as it is of good quality and is made here in Africa.

Get started now, will ya?