AfricaRetails.com GIVES you a beautiful online store to sell your products

Welcome to the African Market. Here you can BUY & SELL things “made in Africa”
from clothing, accessories, leather bags and shoes, art works, etc.
from various vendors and producers across Africa.
Africaretails is a true marketplace for African things.

      Start buying and Selling

Whether you currently sell online, on social media, in store, tossed away in a hidden corner or out of the trunk of your car, with AfricaRetails.com you can get a professional store front to sell your beautiful stuffs.

How AfricaRetails Works

1. Signup to get a store

Got some cool stuff to sell? (whether you made it yourself or you are marketing it, doesn’t matter) and your business is based here in Africa? Signup here.

2. Setup

After your account have been verified and approved. Proceed to set up your store; put up your banner, Upload QUALITY & Clear photos of your products (we will reject your pictures if they are not of good quality) put in your social media links, phone number, email address, physical address, about your store, etc.

3. Promote!

You have your store all setup, now what?! Well, Promote! Promote!! Promote!!! Let the world hear about it, Promote your store on social media, google, put a link to your store on your business card, tell people about it, etc make a big deal out of it because it matters. All of that combined with traffic inflow on AfricaRetails platform, we are positive that you will make good sales.


4. Fulfill Orders

Gee! you have all these orders, what are you going to do? Errm, nothing, lol, actually, just package it and wait for the delivery guys (please make yourself available, as there are charges for failed deliveries). We also get notified when there is an order on your store. We fulfill the orders on your behalf. All orders are fulfilled the next day (max 2 days), we have partnered with some courier companies to make sure of this. We collect the delivery fees. Please see our terms and conditions.


5. Learn and Connect

Need a little inspiration / Motivation? on how to properly run/manage your store? Also tips and generally how to be more successful online with your business? See our blog and community forum or signup to our newsletter to get latest updates from us and more…


1. Browse Local Stores

BROWSE Local stores. FIND interesting things to buy, COMPARE prices.

2. Connect / Communicate

Africaretails is a SOCIAL Marketplace, so feel free to connect with other shoppers online, communicate with store owners (make enquiries) and Acquaint yourself with them.

3. Place Orders (Securely)

Place your order. Your card is safe to use on our website. We have SSL Security implemented plus other securities under the hood to ensure the safety of your card details.

4. Receive your Order

Relax and wait for your Order to Arrive (Next day delivery within Nigeria, 2days max, 7days delivery outside Nigeria)

5. Read our Blog

See our blog for Tips, Tricks and other interesting things to do. Visit the community and see what people are talking about.

AfricaRetails is a true marketplace for African things. Get started now!